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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you consult?
Yes we most certainly do! We consult with companies on blogging, social media, web design, and development.

What is dreeping?
Dreeping is a Joycean word found in Chapter 18 of Ulysses and Book 3, Chapter 2 of Finnegan's Wake. The word is a fusion of dripping and creeping and if you live in Seattle long enough, under gray skies, you'll feel the dreep.

What's the deal with the one name?
Byron just goes by his last name. His initials are DL. He doesn't think he's a one-name celebrity.
What do the initials stand for?
Damn Lucky
Dirty Lover
Distribution List
Down Low
De La
De Luxe
Are you that rock star from the 80s?
No. That's the other DL Byron. However, Byron did wish he was a rock star in the 80s, but no.
What's your relationship with the Blog Business Summit?
We designed and produced the site, spoke at the events, and posted on the blog. Byron was a cofounder of the Summit.