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Movable Type without Plugins

14 Sep 04 by DL Byron

Starting last week and continuing this week, I’ve been posting on the upgrade to MT 3.11. I upgraded in part to resolve ongoing publishing errors. Those errors occurred when I posted, saved a post, and rebuilt. They also occurred when a comment was posted. The errors were reported in error logs and include

  • Internal Server Error
  • Premature end of script headers
  • Plug in Errors

Errors and More Errors

The errors were inconsistent, somewhat random, but occurred everytime. After much troubleshooting (including a completely new blog) and help from MT support, I decided to remove all plugins and that solved the problem. I hope that’s a temporary fix and I can use plugins again, but according to a few commenters and the MT-Dev Yahoo Group, others are having the same problem.

Still good

MT is still a great app and 3.11 is even better. Running sans plugins is a bit liberating, it’s all minimalist; however, it came at a cost. I had to reformat all Markdown formatted entries, I have no MT Blacklist, and no opml generator. Now I’m editing in BBEdit, running Markdown and Smartypants there, and approving or deleting each and every comment in MT.

Lots of tweaks

While working through the errors, I made many tweaks in the templates to make the site more bloggy. I also launched our store/product blog. I should also note that the plugins were great, but somehow my system failed.

Now, I’d like to get back to normal posting …

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Posted by Adam Meltzer | 16 Sep 04

I've found that about 99% of any internal server errors that I had with the 3.0 MTs was due to entries and/or comments where >/<'s weren't properly closed. I'd have to go back through those and correct them for things to work properly.

You'd think MT would be smart enough to detect these and auto close them, but it's not. From what I can deduce from watching the code go is that it tries to process unclosed tags as giant HTML or MT markups and eventually runs out of stack space.

Other than that, I've essentially been running the same MT plugins/configuration since around 2.5.

Posted by -b- | 17 Sep 04

Interesting. And SmartyPants didn't resolve those? I've got code in my post here and there wasn't a problem. Maybe because I wrapped it in a pre tag?

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