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Only happy when it rains

04 Mar 05 by DL Byron

Living in Seattle, you'd think I worship the sun and anxiously await the golden orb's arrival in the Spring. Well, I do, but not when the allergy season starts early and I'm miserable. I'm taking enough drugs now to satisfy a Rush Limbaugh jones, but the drugs don't do much for the asthma. From now until the end of April, I'll be hoping each day for rain to wash the skies and suppress the pollen. I'll just ride around and wait until I can go harder and breath easier.

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Posted by Keith | 04 Mar 05

Same problems here. Usually I've got to deal with it late April until June...but no, it had to come early. But I am enjoying the weather! Anyway, couple that with a stubborn sinus infection that's caused a lack of smell since the start of the year and you can imagine it's no picnic in my neck (nose) of the city either.

I know just what you talk about satifying a Limbaugh jones. I've got to take 4 horsepills a day for 3 weeks to try and clean my infection, a few daily doses on nasal weed eater and I've not even kicked in my allergy medicine quite yet.

Posted by -b- | 09 Mar 05

Totally. However, for cycling, I just tired a new drug called Foradil that's really helping.

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