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Hello Hugger Industries

posted by DL Byron on January 28, 2007

In-progress and launched, Hugger Industries is the new headquarters for our blogging properties and consumer products: Snow Hugger, Bike Hugger, other huggers, Clip-n-Seal, and more unannounced products. Textura Design, Inc. (TDI) is refreshing into an agency that’s focused on blog consulting, books, and related instructional media.

At ten years old (and amazing that we’ve been around that long — word), Textura Design has split into two separate businesses: consulting and blogs. For a brief history of TDI, check the about page. Going into 2k7, we’ve staffed up with exceptional talent, and will have an incredibly busy year.

At SXSW 07 this year, we’ll chat the huggers up, talk more about the work we’re doing, and give big props to Coudal. Putting considerable thought into how to express our brand, what pure TDI is, Coudal told me, “celebrate the diversity, all that you do,” be a creative force, an agency.

Right on Jim. That’s exactly what we’re gonna do.

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